Monday, 30 November 2015

Meet the people formerly known as... users

How do real people really think about and use media? With its existing forms so well established, understood and ‘easy to use’, new models of research pioneered in the worlds of information technology and electronics have made little impact on the media sector. How might it take advantage of innovative research models and techniques to help it create better products and services for the people formerly known as users?

The partners at Plot will present material from their own research and from a social experiment on changing media use they are conducting with a little assistance from you. Plot would like you to join in a social experiment: trying to create distributed user research as a part their session. They would like you to find one person outside of the people you know well who is happy for you to ask them a few questions that might reveal something you (and we) don’t already know, and pass on your notes or recordings. This won’t take long (perhaps half an hour) and will constitute a valuable contribution to the conference. Read on at the Plot blog

Nick Durrant

“[A]t Nokia they are obsessed with mobile phones. Real people focus on everyday life” Nick Durrant


Gill Wildman, co-founder, Plot

Nick Durrant, co-founder, Plot


Rebecca Caroe

Reports and Commentary

Experts vs. the user, Clara Lemon on the Futurelab Flux Weblog: “The conference was a lively and unexpected platform for a very stimulating debate on this issue. I certainly feel better able to promote empowering users involvement the production of anything, but remembering that it is important to ensure that expertise isn’t forgotten and is an essential part of the ingredients”.

Live blogged notes by Rain Rainycat

MediaFutures and the Remembrance of Media past by Alan Patrick on the broadstuff Weblog


Bookmark for Report: Ease of use issues with domestic electronic communications equipment, Ofcom, 17 July 2007