Thursday, 26 November 2015

Nick Durrant, co-founder, Plot

Nick DurrantNick Durrant is a co-founder of Plot, a consultancy based on the view that ‘every business needs a story’. He has worked in interaction design [Wikipedia] for over a decade, and has most recently been a visiting professor at Innocence/Interbrand, an ‘agent provocateur’ for Orange, and an advisor on mentor for the Design Council’s Humanising Technology project. During the 90s he worked for several years in Silicon Valley, at Taligent, IBM, and 280 Inc. developing group collaboration environments and social software, including ‘Places for project teams’ and ‘Meeting Centre’. After returning to the UK, Durrant worked on interaction design strategy at MetaDesign, Icon MediaLab and Futurebrand Digital, and on research, strategy and design projects for Bristol Legible City, Orange, Skoda, Bosch, Telia, GSK, MSDW, Bank of America, Artranspennine 98, Netaid UN/Cisco, Telefonica,, UPC/Chello, and Peoplecom. The Bristol Legible City project won an environmental design effectiveness award and is widely held up as a best-practise example in urban design. Durrant graduated from the Computer Related Design programme at the Royal College of Art in 1994. His design research projects include FLIRT, which investigated location-based recreational media and was conducted at the RCA and in Helsinki.


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