Friday, 27 November 2015

Mark Birbeck, Managing Director, webBackplane

Mark BirbeckMark Birbeck is the managing director of webBackplane, a Web applications development company focusing on dynamic user interfaces and the semantic web. He has been developing software for many years, and with his team have built Sidewinder, an open source, next-generation semantic framework for creating anything from desktop applications, to widgets, through to site-specific browsers (SSBs), and browser extensions. Birbeck is also heavily involved in the creation of new standards on these themes, and is an invited expert at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), in the XForms and XHTML 2 Working Groups. His work there has included inventing RDFa, which enables ordinary Web-pages to carry rich semantic information. He also consults, blogs, and contributes to books, the subjects of which range from XML to RDF, from the future of search to the future of internet applications, from XHTML to XForms, from Web 2.0 to the semantic Web. [Full biography on webBackplane site.]


Presenter: Track 2: Openness and innovation: Networks, Applications, Data and Design