New adventures in innovation

Book NowTuesday 24 September at St Brides, London

Books and Print Sandbox Exhibition 12.30-2.30pm


Meet the collaborators and interact with ground-breaking prototypes from REACT's Books and Print Sandbox. The exhibitors are:

Book Kernel enables audiences to curate and print a personal memento of a live event, incorporating selected content, social media interaction and contextual information.

Storini tackles hyperlocal news from an entirely new angle, it is both a platform for collecting local news and a motivational tool to engage communities in the process.

The Secret Lives of Books is a beautiful interactive platform that visualizes the unexploited data of our public libraries and bookshops, allowing customers to pick up any book and use it to discover new reads.

'these pages fall like ash' is a story told across two books. One is a crafted physical artefact, the other a digital text hidden on hard drives across a real city, the two books come together to provide a reading experience like no other.

Digitising The Dollar Princess pushes the boundaries of biography to create a compelling non-linear reading experience exploring the story of Lady Curzon of Kedleston.

Jekyll 2.0 is a pervasive media adaptation of the novel for the age of the bio-hacker that uses readers' bio-data to shape a live game experience.

Turning the Page is an intimate installation which invites you to investigate a series of clues hidden within a guidebook that magically come to life as you turn the pages

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New adventures in innovation

24 September 2013
9:30 – 5:30pm, followed by networking

St Bride Foundation
Bride Lane, Fleet Street
London EC4Y 8EQ

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