A Day of Innovation on the Future of the Book
8 December 2011 | Watershed, Bristol

Scenes from Publish!, 2011

Publish! and the Future of Publishing programe produced by Media Futures, a high-level and hands-on project on media and innovation. It is an open collaborative initiative supported by many parties. Its work focuses on learning and knowledge sharing, practical activities, and networking.


Nico Macdonald
Chair and co-programmer

Laura North

Alison Coward
Project management

Conrad Roots
Editorial and marketing assistant


We would like to thank everyone who is or has formally or informally advised on or given input into this project over the years, including Priya Prakash, Tony Ageh and Matt Cashmore at the BBC;Ian Jindal ; Moritz Gimbel of Bloomberg TV; Mitchell Sava and Anthony Story at the Creative Industries iNet.

Site design

Nick Loat Loat Davies


Suzy Wheeler, Strawberry Fields RePresents
Communications manager