Publish! 2013

A programme of activities around innovation and the future of the book

Media Futures facilitates innovation in media, technology and society. Publish! is a programme of events designed to facilitate innovation and create transformational change within the publishing industry. We host conferences and events, consult with publishers, startups and organisations, wanting to develop digital products, services or strategies, around methods of innovation and developing new revenue streams. ¶ Our key drivers are: facilitating and supporting the creation of new products and services; giving insight into the future; showcasing and promoting innovation; exploring new revenue streams and how projects can grow and be sustainable; and encouraging cross-sector partnerships.

Publish! New adventures
in innovation

  • 24 September 2013
  • London, UK

Post-It notePublish! New adventures
in innovation
is a day of show and tells, discussions and demonstrations that will showcase innovative new projects and explore new models of innovation, and how we can innovate effectively and rapidly, and at low cost. We will be exclusively showcasing pioneering new projects that have been produced through innovation programmes, including the Books & Print Sandbox and ICtomorrow. We ask projects to be as open as possible about what worked, what didn’t, and what advice they would give others. As well as being experimental, we also look at the commercial viability.

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  • Spring 2014
  • Free Word Centre, London, UK

Publish! Accelerator brings together writers, content creators, publishers, designers and technologists (and anyone else interested in innovation in publishing and beyond) to rapidly develop concepts and prototypes. The participants will be supported by mentors and informed by practical talks. We are inviting the winners of the Pen Factor, The Literary Conference’s new writing competition, to create new digital products based around their writing, and partnering with other organisations to provide raw material for teams to work on. We will also explore how such projects can benefit from continuing support using online collaboration tools. The Accelerator is being produced in collaboration with The Literary Consultancy and Perera.

Future of Publishing

  • December 2011
  • Online

We published the first edition of The Future of Publishing: A Report on Innovation and the Future of the Book in 2011. It investigated how companies in publishing can compete with the likes of Amazon, Apple and Google, and how they could can they use innovation to stay ahead of the game? The report was written by Alastair Horne (@pressfuturist) and designed by Rich Cousins. (Read more) It was well received and widely downloaded. The next installment of the Report will be published later in 2013, and will address the current state of the industry and innovation, and report on how we can use rapid innovation models to mitigate risk and experiment with new products and services.

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Past projects

  • 2011–2012

Publish! is a programme of events designed to facilitate innovation and create transformational change within the publishing industry. Publish! began in May 2011 with a Book Hackday at the Free Word Centre, London, generating new projects developed over 24 hours in multidisciplinary teams, and included a roundtable discussion at Sense Worldwide, London (July 2011), Publish! A Day of Innovation on the Future of the Book at the Watershed, Bristol (December 2011), Publish! New Players, New Innovations at St Brides, London (July 2012), Trends in Digital Publishing and Expanded Narrative at Plymouth University (February 2013) and a ‘state of the industry’ report.

Recent and upcoming events

  • 2013

On 28 August we co-hosted an event with the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) London at Seren Partners in London to explore different aspects of interaction design associated with reading, publishing and the future of the book. Speakers included Alastair Horne, and John Gibbard of Dare, talking about his work on the My Fry app. We recently spoke on Publish! Innovating the book in the Tomorrows' World strand of Digital Shoreditch at Shoreditch Town Hall. We aslo took part in a panel discussion entitled ‘Collaborative Force: Pushing Boundaries with the Written Word’ at The Literary Conference at the Free Word Centre.

Collaborate with us

  • Continuing

Publish! is based on collaboration and partnership working. We are always on the look out for new innovative projects or people who are interested in speaking at our events. If you are involved in publishing innovation or media more widely, please get in contact with us.